Best led lights for reef tank: Kessil A360WE Controllable Tuna Sun vs VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control

Best led lights for reef tank: Kessil A360WE Controllable Tuna Sun vs VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control

The best LED lights for reef tank not only make the reef tank look as attractive as possible but also offer the perfects light conditions for the growth of the reef. Best LED lights should have certain features such as quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal, etc.

Below are two quality products of LED light for a reef tank and a buying guide for you to follow if you have no idea about choosing one between many similar LED light products out there: Kessil A360WE Controllable LED Aquarium Light vs VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Dimmable 165W 300W LED Aquarium Light

#1 Size

The size is absolutely an important consideration when looking to buy the best LED lighting for your reef tank. There are some brands will offer the adjustable LED lights that allow user easily install the LED light on different reef tanks.

Kessil A360WE LED light is available in 4 adjustable sizes: 18-24 inches, 24-36 inches, 48-60 inches, and 72 inches. It provides a multitude of options for the size of the most popular tank.

VIRARSPECTRA light is available in two sizes: 16×8.5×2.4 inches that can light for 24×24 inches coverage (30 gallons tank); and 31.5 x 8.5 x 2.4 inches can lighting for 32×24” coverage (65 gallons tank).

#2 The Marine creatures in the aquarium

The types of marine creatures in your tank will affect which model of LED light you should go with. You should get the LED light that would work great for different creatures live in the reef tank. For example, the plants that are growth phase should have the maximum light.

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control LED Light with full spectrum layout is designed to provide the lighting needs for all your precious water creatures such as SPS, LPS, fish, etc.

Kessil controllable LED light Tuna Sun with very high intensity could produce a great primary nutritious light, especially for s shallow water Acropora aquarium, where does not need blue light for growth.

#3 Full spectrum

Kessil A360WE is full-spectrum LED lights that include the tuna sun bright white color ranges from a yellowish 6,000k to a flat white color in the middle, and then to a pinkish 9,000k at the other end of the spectrum.

VIPARSPECTRA is selectable full-color spectrums LED light, which offers 2 separate color channels: Blue channel and White channel, each channel will meet the different spectrum demands of the growth stage of different coral and creatures.

#4 Lighting Effects & Controllability

Kessil A360WE includes a handy remote, which allows you to control easily with a press of a button. This allows you to control both the intensity and the color temperature.

Kessil A360WE Tuna Sun LED light produces wavelengths that mimic the sun, and provide for the increased photosynthetic absorption. This light includes Kessil logic, which allows you to change the colors while maintaining the intensity of light.

VIPARSPECTRA LED light comes with the handy remote, which use to adjust the brightness of blue and white channels from 0% to 100% independently. This light offers 24 hours effect with the timer.

Best aquarium power filter: MarineLand Emperor Bio-Wheel vs Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO

Best aquarium power filter: MarineLand Emperor Bio-Wheel vs Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO

In a basic aquarium set up, a power filter will be a secret key that determines the success of this aquarium. The power filter keeps the water clean and circulates air through. 

The best power filter will perform the main stages of the nitrogen cycle to remove algae, nitrate, ammonia, particles suspended in the water to keep the water clean and safe for your adorable fish and plants.

Between many different brands and types of filters out there, we narrow down and introduce here two reliable power filters that will work perfectly with your aquarium: MarineLand Emperor Bio-Wheel vs Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO.

#1 Power

Before choosing any power filter, you have to ensure that it is can handle your tank by carefully reading the details about the filter power that the manufacturer offer provide on the filter box. In order to get the best result, you should buy the filer power that strong enough to handle at least 4 times water in your tank per hours

Marineland Emperor is certified to filter for 400 gallons per hour and it can be used for aquarium up to 80 gallons. Means while Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO comes with more options to choose from. 

It has 5 sizes that can work for 10 to 75 gallons tank. The capacity is large enough to handle the most common aquarium out there. It further delivers an impressive 400 gallons per hour of filtration.

#2 Filtration Media

Ideally, the power filter should include 3 filter media with at least 3 stages of filtration: mechanical, chemical, and biological.

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO provides mechanical, chemical, biological and optional, additional specialty pad filtration. This great power filter can be able to deliver the best possible performance of the filtration process. 

It also comes with 2 large Aqueon replacement cartridges for standard filtration and a specialty filter pad size of 20/75 that is important for removing the ammonia odor, water cloudiness, and debris from the water.

Marineland Emperor offers 3 filter media. The special filter pads for filtering of the water, catching any debris that might be contained in the water. It also provides the extra slots, which allow the user of adding more media installed so that filtration is even better.

The patented Bio-Wheel technology provides excellent wet/dry biological filtration for the tank. It is also good for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

What Factors Should I Note When Buying The Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine?

What Factors Should I Note When Buying The Best Commercial Shaved Ice Machine?

There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of ice shaved ice on hot days. And it will be more crazy when you can enjoy them at local restaurants with only a limited budget.

Ice shaved is a cool refreshment and a popular choice on summer days. That’s why the best commercial shaved ice machine is also a popular choice for restaurants these days.

This device can provide a large amount of shaved ice in a short time. It is well worth the investment for your commercial kitchen.

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And before buying, you should pay attention to a few factors to avoid the wrong investment.

#1 Storage space

The storage space in your commercial kitchen will determine the size of the commercial shaved ice machine. So the first thing you should do is check the size of the storage space.

The commercial shaved ice machine comes in a variety of sizes and you should choose the ones that fit your commercial kitchen.

#2 Shape of ice

This is the second factor that you should pay attention to. Some commercial shaved ice machines can only work with a certain ice shape. Some work with all shapes of ice.

The device you choose may only work with ice blocks but not ice cubes. Therefore, you should pay attention to the shape of ice integrated with the device.

Today, there are products that come with self-freezing, and you don’t need ice prepared. So you do not need to care about the shape of ice that the device can work with. But this is an option that needs a little extra budget.

#3 Material

The materials that make up the device are also factors that you should care about because it directly affects the life of the product.

You should not choose materials such as thin plastic because they are not durable. Instead, choose strong, anti-rust materials so it can last for a long time.

#4 Budget

Not all high-priced products are always of good quality. Therefore you should care more about quality than a famous brand.

There are many products on the market that do not come from a famous manufacturer, do not have high prices but work very well.

Optimal crested gecko humidity in enclosure

Optimal crested gecko humidity in enclosure

High humidity levels help reptiles and amphibians in the shedding process and hydration, which is important even when they still small. And crested geckos are no exception.

Before crested geckos shedding, their skin becomes faded and even turn to pale. This is when you have to increase the humidity in the cage. And after shedding done, crested geckos used much energy and then they need time to take a rest. You should give them a humid hide place to take shelter.

Crested geckos shed their skin for about once a month or more, and this is the reason why you should maintain crested gecko humidity in enclosure always at high levels.

Optimal humidity for crested gecko

Crested geckos require high humidity levels. The ideal humidity for crested gecko is between 60-85%. They can also live in the environment with humidity about 50% as long as they provided enough water to drink and you will give them high humidity immediately after. Therefore, optimal humidity for crested geckos in the enclosure should always be about 50%.

Constant moisture can cause the risk of mold and mildew growth, so you are encouraged to make the humidity down to around 50% for a few hours per day before misting it again.

How to keep humidity in enclosure?

To achieve these humidity levels, you should use some moisturizing substrates such as soil mix and moss. Besides, using a humidifier or reptile fogger to maintain humidity levels. Misting is the best way to keep your crested gecko hydration.

Depend on the types your substrate you using, how well your tank holds humidity, the climate of your area, misting the plants, substrates and tank walls at least once a day, in the evening and once again in the morning if needed. One more way to improve humidity is placed a bowl of water under the lamp when the water is evaporated, the humidity levels will increase.

You also should measure and control the humidity levels in the tank by using a hygrometer, or using combines both hygrometer and thermometer in two sides of the tank.

How To Feed Bearded Dragon?

How To Feed Bearded Dragon?

One of the most important things when deciding to keep bearded dragons is that you have to learn how to feed a bearded dragon. Your bearded dragons require a nutritious diet with a reasonable amount, which will help them live longer, healthy and happier.

There are lots of things when it comes to bearded dragons diet: Some insects and plant matter are highly recommended to offer, but some kind of them should be avoided; the amount of food they should eat depends on their age, etc. Therefore, how to feed bearded dragon is not as simple as it seems to be.

Bearded dragons basic diet

Bearded dragons are omnivorous, which means they can be able to eat both insects and plant-based food.

In captivity, there are some staple insects that you can provide them such as crickets, dubia roaches, hornworms, etc. Some other insects that you can offer them as treat are mealworms, wax worms, butter worms, silkworms, etc.

And fireflies, boxelder bugs, wild-caught insects are very toxic to bearded dragons and should never be provided.

Vegetables take the largest portion of bearded dragon diet. The staple greens and vegetables for bearded dragons are collards, mustard greens, watercress, endive, acorn squash, snap peas, sweet potato, green beans, etc.

And some vegetables below you should feed them rarely or never are: beet greens, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, avocados, rhubarb. These vegetables can cause health problems for your pet and even cause the dead is possible.

Baby bearded dragons diet requirement

Baby bearded dragons require much amount of protein and nutrients to grown and build their body. Therefore, they will need to eat more insects than the plant. The number of insects should be accounted for 80% of their diet.

So how to feed a baby bearded dragon? You should allow the babies to eat more frequently than the older bearded dragons. They can be fed for 4-5 meals per day, and you can expect them to eat about 20-70 insects per day.

There is a note that you should feed them with vegetables and fruit before you feed them insects. Because they tend to prefer insects over vegetables, so they might eat only insects and ignore the vegetables.

Adult bearded dragons diet requirement

The requirement of bearded dragons’ diet will change quite a lot when they become adults. Adult bearded dragons almost no longer growing, they also have a risk of obesity and they even can go for a few days without eating.

Due to this, an adult will need fewer insects than a vegetable. They require about 20% of insects and 80% of the diet should be planted.

Besides, you need to decrease the time of feeding them; adult bearded dragons must be offered food only once per day.

Why do you need the best thermometer for fish tank?

Why do you need the best thermometer for fish tank?

Have you ever wonder that in the natural, how do the fish live without a heater?

So why do we need to keep our aquarium at a constant temperature?

It is due to how fast the temperature changes. In the wild, with so much amount of water, it will take a long time (a day or even a season) for the temperature to go down or rise up, long enough for the fish to get in the swing of changing water.

On the contrary, the aquarium habitat, with a much smaller amount of water, the temperature rapid swings and causes the problems. This is the reason why you will need the best thermometer for fish tank to maintain water temperature.

What happens if the water temperature is too high/low?

When the water is too cold it will affect your fish’s metabolism, this process will slow down, and your fish are slow and sluggish too, especially with the topical fish.

In the case of water is too warm (when it reaches 90 F degrees and more). The metabolism process becomes faster and your fish are more active than normal. But when it happened, it causes the risk of shortage of oxygen because warm water contains less oxygen than cold water. Do not enough oxygen your fish can suffocate.

The changing quickly of temperature can also increase the risk of stress for the fish and lead to the weakness of the fish immune system. And the dead become possible for your fish.

Due to these reasons up to here, it is so important to have a thermometer to help you maintain and monitor your aquarium water.

What is the ideal temperature that you should maintain in your aquarium?

Each type of fish requests their own temperature and also have different stiff upper lip levels of temperature swings.

Coldwater fish requests an ideal temperature below 68 F degrees (20 C degrees).

Tropical fish request ideal temperature from 75 to 80 F degrees (24-27 C degrees).

Temperate fish have a wider range of temperature than others that mean they are easier to keep.

California Seed Banks Online

California Seed Banks Online

California is a progressive state and wants to assist patients if possible. The new laws regarding medical marijuana have been passed for the state. Some patients with health needs can obtain the right seeds for their needs. The California Seed Banks Online could make the experience easier for patients in need. The seed banks will distribute orders to people who request them. That connects the patient to a bevy of new resources as well. The California Seed Banks Online are going to impress people with what works. The experience has wowed people who enjoy the cannabis. There are dedicated fans who want to learn more info about the California Seed Banks online.

Reviews for California Seed banks online are helpful to many people. New users can get up to speed about the rules and regulations. The new law has opened up the door for many new users to give the service a chance. The service is renowned for helping people learn all the details that they want to know. The options are expanding and online seed banks are making the option possible. The reviews are popularizing the format and giving people the choices that they need. Patients can also write their own reviews and give the work a good comment.

The price tag for the California seed banks online are helpful to all. The cost of the California Seed Banks online will be memorable. The best seed banks online are a matter of debate. But the cost of the product is sure to sway opinions as well. People just want to learn all about the seeds that they buy. The program is going to be memorable for all the right reasons. That adds to the experience and keeps people learning more info. The program is helpful for many buyers too.

Helium Balloons Near Me(Review 2019) – 4 ways to choose helium balloons will make you satisfied

Helium Balloons Near Me(Review 2019) – 4 ways to choose helium balloons will make you satisfied

Helium Balloons really turn an event into something special, they are often the centerpiece of any party and let your guests know that they are in for a treat. you want to make sure that the décor looks fantastic and, if you really want all the bells and whistles, you should think about setting up a balloon arch. But where can you purchase the perfect helium balloons for your party and how can you select the right helium balloons for the occasion? You will be pleased to hear that you have come to the right place and in this article, we will answer all of your helium balloon related questions whether it be where to get helium balloons filled near me, or what material you should look out for when purchasing helium balloons.

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Whether you want to buy your helium balloons online or from a local store we will point you in the right direction. Check out some of the top places in your area using our ‘helium balloons near me’ tool below – here you can find were to get helium balloons near me, where to inflate helium balloons near me and where to get helium balloons filled near me. There are many types of balloons, under the strings I will show you the best balloons to pump helium gas.

How to choose the perfect helium balloons for your party

#1 Helium Balloon Buying Guide

Ensuring that a celebration is as perfect as possible comes down to effective planning and deciding on the right balloons for the occasion requires a bit of forward planning. Whether it be a birthday party, wedding or anniversary celebration you want to make sure the helium balloons are both suitable and built to withstand the festivities. Read on to find out what to think about before purchasing your helium balloons.

#2 Material and types of balloons

The material of the balloons you buy is the single most important factor when it comes to purchasing helium balloons. The material you opt for will depend on your price range, how many helium balloons you are intending to purchase for your event, and how long you want your balloons to stay inflated for. Check out the different materials below.

#1 Latex

The most common material type you will find on the market when it comes to helium balloons is latex. Latex is an extremely versatile material and you will find many a balloon available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. When filled with helium latex balloons can expand to around 9-10 inches (and make sure you don’t go over this otherwise they are likely to pop!).

There are many benefits to using latex balloons. Latex is one of the cheapest materials around so is a good choice if you are planning an event that requires an abundance of helium balloons. This material is also environmentally friendly as latex is biodegradable (albeit can take between 4 months and 8 years to do this). The downside of using latex is that the balloons won’t stay inflated for as long as more expensive materials. If your event is just for a day or evening they will be fine but if you want them to last longer it is worth investing in a material that will stay inflated for longer.

#2 Foil

Foil balloons are the type of helium balloons you will have seen for sale at a fairground in all kinds of characters – such as Disney princesses, cartoon characters and animals. Foil balloons are more expensive than latex balloons but the benefits are that they stay inflated for significantly longer and can last for up to 5 days. In addition to this, foil balloons can also be refilled during this time to give them an extra boost. Thanks to their longevity foil helium balloons are a great choice if you are wanting to send a friend a balloon in the post as they will open the gift box and can enjoy the helium balloon for several days after receiving.

The downside of using foil balloons is not only that they are more expensive but they are also not biodegradable like latex balloons are. These balloons are therefore a less environmentally friendly option and should not be released into the open.

#3 Gliding Balloons

If you really want to go all out then think about investing in a gliding balloon. Gliding balloons are made out of foil and are, to put it simply, enormous! These life-sized helium balloons will really steal the show at any gathering and will bring delight to your guests. They usually have weights at the bottom so that they are anchored to the floor and come in all sorts of different characters to suit all interests and themes.

#3 Helium tanks

You will also need to think about whether you want to invest in your own helium tank which will enable you to blow up your own balloons rather than driving to the local store to do it. This can save you money and time and is a good idea if you have either a lot of balloons to inflate or you are going to be using helium balloons frequently.

#4 Choosing your display

A lot of satisfaction can come from designing and choosing your own helium balloon display and this can easily be done with the variety of helium balloons that are available. If you require a lot of helium balloons we recommend opting for the traditional latex balloons as the basis of your display and then invest in a few foil balloons and perhaps one gliding balloon to act as the centerpiece. In this way, you can keep the costs down while also creating a display to remember.

Top 5 Best Helium Balloons 2019

#1 Best Foil Helium Balloons: MOWO’s 50 piece set of round 18-inch foil Mylar helium balloons


If you are after a bumper set of balloons made from foil and that are suitable for both helium and customization, then you will love this 50-pack. At 18-inches in diameter, these balloons are a decent size too and will brighten up any party thanks to the natural shine you get with died foil balloons. Their integrity lasts even if you keep them in storage for a long time and thanks to being made from foil they will keep the helium you fill them with inside for longer than their latex counterparts.

Other pluses about these foil balloons are that: you get a whopping 50 balloons in the pack; they have zero latex (if you are allergic); they last at least a week without any noticeable deflation; there is an easy slot to poke in the helium nozzle when inflating, and; these balloons will brighten up any party. The downside of these foil balloons is that they don’t have any fancy design on them although they are strong enough for you to add your own designs if you like.

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#2 Best Latex Balloons: AOSTAR’s Gold & Rose Gold Confetti Dots for Air or Helium (30-pack)

If you’re getting ready for a wedding, anniversary, or big birthday bash, then you should check out this fancy and stylish balloon set. Made from latex these fancy balloons are a fraction of the price of foil balloons but also strong enough to be filled with helium. 10 pieces of this set are also filled with confetti which you can attract to the side of the balloons by rubbing them against a bit of carpet to increase the static. These balloons are a great way to shower the bride and groom in confetti!

Other pros about these balloons are that: they come with a 6-month replacement warranty in addition to a 3-month money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied; they are 12-inches which means you will get more out of a helium tank if you are filling your own compared with most foil varieties, and; the variety creates a fantastic display. The downside of these balloons is that the confetti-filled ones will float for less time than those without confetti inside.

#Confetti #Helium #Confetti_Balloons #Helium_Balloons #Latex

#3 Best Gliding Balloon: Anagram International’s 36-inch Airwalker Spiderman Foil helium Balloon

If you’re a Marvel comics fan, or to be more specific, a Spiderman (Spidy) lover then you will be blown away by this gliding balloon. At 36-inches it is a phenomenally large balloon that shapes up into a fantastic representation of a crouching Spiderman ready to bring criminals and supervillains to swift justice! They even offer a 68-inch option if you want to really push the boat out and trick people into believing Spiderman lives next door.

Other pluses about this particular gliding balloon are that: it will wow anyone that sees it and is not something you will typically see a helium balloon vendor selling; it is made right here in the good old US of A, and; it comes with handy, easy to interpret instructions to make sure you get it right without damaging it on inflation. The downside of this balloon is that it is single-use and even with the instructions can be a bit tricky to inflate if you are doing it yourself.

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#4 Best Helium Tank: Worthington Cylinder Corp’s 2-piece Helium Balloon Tank

If you don’t feel like driving down to your local store to fill up a load of helium balloons for a big party, then you could give this kit a whirl. This set comes complete with two tanks that can fill between 30-40 large helium balloons each so you can really throw a party in style. You will need to remember to properly shut off the valve every time you fill up a balloon to maximize the helium you get in the balloons compared to the surrounding air!

Other good things about this helium tank are that: it will save you money if you are throwing an event that requires lots of balloons, given that a single filled balloon can cost up to $4 a pop; it is easy to use, just attach the included nozzle and squeeze it into your latex or foil balloon shells, and; it is surprisingly compact and portable. The downside of this kit is that the balloons won’t stay afloat as long as store-bought helium-filled balloons (no more than 36 hours).

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#5 Best Helium Balloon Weights: Beistle’s Metallic Wrapped Balloon Weights

If you plan to be filling up a whole load of balloons with helium then, aside from a decent amount of string, you are also going to need a decent set of balloon weights if you don’t want to see your efforts go sailing off into the sunset or night sky. Making your own can be tricky so it’s worth checking out these weights, which come available in multiple colors, if you plan to throw a big party with lots of helium balloons on show.

Other things that make these weights a good choice are that: they are easy to attach to string thanks to an in-built loop to thread it through; at around 6-ounces, they will keep even a massive Spiderman glider weighed down; they are good value considering the time they will save you, and; they offer a color for everyone’s tastes. The downside of these weights is that you only get 12 in a pack so if you plan to have hundreds of balloons they do bring costs up more.

#Helium #Balloon_Weights #Weights #Helium_Balloons #Weddings


Helium balloons turn an event from a good one into a great one simply for the aesthetic pleasure they bring. However, if you love to throw a party, these little floating beauties can quickly add up to a hefty cost. Buying your own balloons and getting them filled at a local store can save you serious bucks when it comes to filling large numbers of balloons and you can even fill your own if you invest in a helium canister.

In this list, you’ll find a great range of balloons for every party and every budget as well as everything you need to know to maximize the benefits from investing in your own helium balloons, be it the classic latex balloon or the longer-lasting but pricier foil option. Take yourself back to childhood excitement with your own batch of helium balloons!

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