My New Release – The Beginning of Something Great!

My New Release – The Beginning of Something Great!

It has been way too long since I blogged! That’s what happens when I write a lot so I guess that’s a good thing.

The first half of this year has gone by way too fast! I released the fourth Devil Series novel, The Devil, plus the third in the Original Series, Saving Eden. This summer I will have at least three new releases.

The prequel to the Devil Series, Charlie’s story, titled What Devil’s May Come will be released in the Potions and Poisons Box Set in July. Also in July, I will release A Hero’s Death, the first novel in the Aris Crow Vampire Legend series. I really hope readers enjoy this series! It’s been a pet project of mine for a long time!!

I hope to update my blog soon with what’s going on in my life besides all this boring writing stuff, but until then, I hope you are all well!


I’ve lived beneath the streets all my life while a growing darkness overtook the city I love. I’ve watched the people suffer, I’ve smelled their fear, and heard their cries for mercy. All under the control of the man who murdered my parents.

The police have failed them. The justice system has failed them.

It’s my turn now.

The city doesn’t need another hero. They need a monster.



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