Wednesday’s Writer – Who Cares What They’re Eating?

Wednesday’s Writer – Who Cares What They’re Eating?

Over the summer I helped some newbie writers with their WIP. The most common mistake I found? They described every detail of their character’s life. What time they woke up, what clothes they put on to accentuate their butt,  what they ate, what their mother said to them as they crossed paths, etc., etc..

This type of writing is very difficult to read. Why? Because it leaves out the “flavor” of the novel. It slows the plot, drowns the characters, and kills the climax. A writer must remember that just because their is action in the story, i.e. your character is doing something, it means nothing if that said action isn’t moving the plot forward.

A novel written like this, reminds me of this scene from Nacho Libre:

Mary Kole said it best when she wrote: “Action means something that has story consequences. Action means that the protagonist either comes into contact with another character or encounters an obstacle or makes an effort to reach a goal or does something in the world of the story that is significant and moves the story forward.”

So make your character’s actions mean something! Your story will thank you for it. 

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